The Mustache Ride – Coming Black Friday!

 Hey Tantrum Fans, just got back from APE and wanted to let you all know that we had a BLAST! Thanks to everyone who could make it and make it happen! We met a lot of new people, fans and artist. Mad props to Age Scott (SUPERHOOD – Won & Phil) and Mike Hampton (Hot Zombie CHicks – Captiain Asshole). On another note, The Mustache Ride, Issue 1 is getting closer and closer to its arival, BLACK FRIDAY! The day after Thanksgiving! Brandon and I both have pre-order Mustache Ride (custom made) Poker Chips. With the pokers chips, you are insured for Issue #1 of The Mustache Ride, but thats not all! If you pre-order your copy of The Mustache Ride, then you will also receive The Mustache Ride and TANTRUM Comics Collector’s Package on BLACK FRIDAY! T-shirts, posters, stickers, etc…Also check us out on FACEBOOK – MustacheRide ComicBook and TWITTER @ MustachRideCB… Check back soon for more updates!



Creators of Tantrum Comics, The Mustache Ride and HEY!RUBE!
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